Andy Puddicombe, CEO, Headspace

“Louis has been instrumental in the planning and conceptual development of Headspace for Kids.  His knowledge, experience and attitude, combined with a genuine motivation to improve the wellbeing of young people, is deeply impressive.  He has an excellent understanding of both the theory and practice of mindfulness, allowing him to use these techniques to benefit and inspire the next generation.  He is a joy to work with and I cannot recommend him highly enough.”


"Louis has played a massive role in helping me find calm in a chaotic mind and heart. I have experienced other therapists as well, and although they have been incredible and supportive, no one has challenged me in the way that Louis has. He is an honest, funny, caring, observant, compassionateand loving person as well as a pain in the arse sometimes! He has challenged me constantly, and I can always trust that Louis will tell me what I need to hear as opposed to what I want to hear. It has really helped me grow as a person, I can’t thank him enough!” Hanna

Emma & Family

“Therapy is not something I, or any of my family had ever considered.  And had it not been for the appalling circumstances we found ourselves in, we would never have taken it on.  With Louis we couldn’t have been in safer hands.  During our sessions with him, he very cleverly, patiently, and in a lighthearted way made it really easy for our 9 year old son to engage and express some quite unsettling feelings very freely.  He helped us as a family question our weaknesses and reflect upon our strengths, gently and brilliantly steering us out of a moment of crisis.  We finished our time with Louis a much stronger, happier unit of three.  Having found strengths in ourselves, and each other that we hadn’t known existed before.  As our son described it: ‘You walk into an understated room and think why? And then he really, really helps you’.  He makes you feel happy… listens to all your points of view’...’He’s kind and caring’…’ He’s helped me in more ways than you can imagine’.


"Dear Louis, Just wanted you to know that since we stopped the sessions our son has gone from strength to strength. He's back to being our bright eyed, singing all the time son, and seems very settled and happy. I've heard your wisdom on many occasions - sometimes from our son to his peers, sometimes our son to himself as he gets a handle on confusing or upsetting situations. And sometimes to me from our son - quite something really. Thank you so much."


“Louis has guided me with grace through a series of blockages in my life (insomnia, facial tics, acute stress, procrastination) with patience, empathy and deep insight.  He drew out from me qualities I never believed I could possess. I always unquestioningly recommend Louis to anyone I care about who needs a wise guide in their life.”


”Louis was my son's therapist for 2 years and from the get go, he had my boys undivided attention.  As a single mum it can be very hard to find good, strong, cool, relevant role models easily who have such a therapeutic benefit... Louis was invaluable to us.  My son's behaviour improved so dramatically at home it was astonishing and even though he still has a difficult relationship with his father he is able to deal with it with so much equanimity and resilience that would not have been possible without Louis almost divine intervention!  He treated me with the utmost respect and that made a huge impression on my boy.  I will be forever grateful to him for what he did for us, he was there for the worst period in our lives and helped my son to get through it and even after their time was up he wrote a letter for me that saved our home situation and made it impossible for the council to make us homeless.  With Louis on your team, even for a short while, you can win the game of life!  There is a proverb which says: "He who saves one life, saves the world."  Thank you Louis, for saving my son.  You will never be forgotten and will always occupy a place in our hearts and minds!!"

Duza Stosic, Head of Education, Kids Company

“Louis is a dedicated professional, and his achievements have been exemplary.  He has proven to be a take-charge person who is able to successfully develop plans and implement them.  He has consistently demonstrated an ability to rise to any challenge that he must face.  He is a leader who would make a great asset to any high profile organisation. I recommend Louis to you without reservation.”

Talmud Bah, International Consultant in Creative Education, Talmud Bah Consulting

“Louis is an exceptional human being and professional.  He has a great understanding and knowledge base of the emotional and mental development, of children, young people and adults alike.  His sensitive, responsive and intuitive approach enables him to not only respond to the needs of the people and organisations he works with, but to also facilitate their journey of self discovery, learning development and healing.  Louis' ability to learn, adapt, and identify potential solutions is unsurpassed and his belief in the capacity of human beings is truly inspiring.”


“Louis really helped me out of a rut in my life. He wasn't patronising like other therapists I had seen before. He treated me with total respect and gave me the help I needed to get back on my feet."


"My son had a melt-down, having regular, debilitating panic attacks which left him in a permanently anxious and depressed state... it was not until we found Louis that my son had a real breakthrough. During his first year of A levels my son had a melt down and ended up having regular and debilitating panic attacks which left him in a permanently anxious and depressed state and on the verge of dropping out of school.  We took him to see several therapists and counsellors but it was not until we found Louis that my son had a real breakthrough.  He felt very able to open up to Louis and was eager to take on board his ideas and strategies for managing the situation.  I  am very grateful to Louis for restoring my son's confidence and self esteem and ultimately enabling him to sit his A levels.


Approachable, trustworthy, relaxed.  These 3 words spring to mind when I think of Louis. Louis was able to relate to my 15 year old son, to help create a safe place to share personal stories which helped to unlock feelings which needed exploring. Louis was also able to relate to myself as a mum, to listen and be the go between when difficulties arose, I would strongly recommend Louis, if a therapist is needed. 

Testimonials For 'Mindful Parenting' and other Training/Retreats


"The course gave me the ability to take a step back emotionally when my children were being difficult to handle. I was given the tools to manage my own emotions which in turn translated into much better managing theirs. Everyone is more at peace. I am now also much better at not just being "mum" around my kids but trying to see who they are really are and making an effort to be myself as well. I find it much easier to give my kids space to be themselves instead of always mothering them. The course has been invaluable for me and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to get to know themselves a bit more and hence become a better parent."


"Mindful Parenting training sessions with Louis have been an inspiration. His kindness and gentle guidance have helped me to step back and look at situations and indeed behaviour patterns from a different perspective. Louis has helped me to both navigate my way through the trickier parenting moments and appreciate the beautiful ones even more."

"I just wanted to say thank you SO SO much for running such a wonderful course over the past few weeks. It was truly enlightening and really enjoyable. I think that we are all now so much better equipped to move forward on our mindful journey. My husband says that he has seen a marked change in me and that he is so glad that I joined your sessions- high praise indeed."


“Louis ran a series of excellent workshops for staff at The Harrodian.  We were challenged to consider many deep, thought provoking issues and to do so in a supportive and safe environment.  Louis pitched the sessions really well, as the participants varied a great deal in terms of prior understanding and experiences.  Louis was able to ensure that the sessions had good pace without leaving some behind, and that the purpose and meaning of sessions was clear.  For me, it was most helpful to understand that ‘mindfulness’ needs not to have a clear aim or outcome; the practice in and of itself is the main purpose.  An unexpected benefit was the pleasure of interacting with colleagues in a completely different way.  It was, in addition, a lot of fun.”


"I am very thankful for having taken the 8 week course with Louis. It was a great reminder of how important it is to live in the present moment and to take care of yourself. Learning to practise mindfulness as a parent was extremely helpful. It helped turned  situations that could have resulted into angry and frustrating experiences, into more relaxed, compassionate and loving experiences. Thank you Louis!"