Working with Louis

Thank you for your interest in working with me. I have been helping people heal emotional wounds and create lives of deep fulfilment for over 15 years. This is my inner porpoise! Below is why I get really excited about the work I do.

We are living at a rare moment in human history. The potential for inner and outer change is greater than at any other time before. A revolution can be kickstarted at the click of a button.  But no outer revolution can be sustained until enough people have embedded the necessary inner revolution. As within, so without. Its amazing that science is now supporting and enhancing many ancient wisdom practices, giving us greater faith in our own power to bring harmony to our body-minds and to increase harmony in the world. Spirituality has been released from the shackles of institutionalised religion.  

But as Spiderman said, with this great power, comes great responsibility. Beyond the essential information lies mountain upon mountain of non-essential data. Its easy to get lost, to drown in the data-stream of modern life. To embed the inner revolution, we need the right habits, the right understanding, and heroic amounts of focus. You have a profound responsibility to your self, and to the world. You want to heal your wounds and the wounds passed down to you from your ancestors. And you want to do this so you can unearth your true, unadulterated brilliance. You want to create a more beautiful world. I want that too. Good. Lets work together. Please drop me an email at


Lets create a more beautiful world together


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