Blurred Lines: How we can find our Truth in a Post-Truth era

In my therapy and coaching practice, I have been seeing many clients for spiritual guidance who feel lost, confused, anxious. One of the primary reasons for this sense of confusion is a loss of meaning, loss of focus, and loss of direction in a time, ironically, when we are overwhelmed with digital content telling us how to live. 

There are so many clickbait style articles, like '5 ways to become a hero/heroine', '5 ways to heal your wounds', '5 ways to be an amazing parent', '5 ways to be super-successful'. Its a very confusing world. I call this a Tsunami of Truth. We are all to some degree at risk of drowning.

I wrote an article recently about this issue I wanted to share with you now. Click here to read more. I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section of the article. I feel this is an important discussion, and through dialogue we can be like armbands/surfboards for each other, helping us to swim or even better surf on this giant (and growing) wave of information.

Big Love,