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A Meditation Ritual For Compassion-Focused Deep Work

  • Stillpoint Spaces 23 Clerkenwell Close London, England, EC1R 0AA United Kingdom (map)

Focus is a difficult quality to find in our attention-deficit world.  And yet focus is a core ingredient in creating work that matters. 
But focus alone is not enough. We need the right intention to sustain our focus. In Buddhist psychology, Right Intention is called samma sankappa. 
Compassion is the Right Intention at the core of Louis’ work as a therapist, coach, mindfulness teacher, and social enterpreneur.  Compassion is the ability to perceive another’s suffering combined with the desire to alleviate that suffering.
In this deep-work session, I will share with you a powerful meditation ritual during which you will connect with a deeper sense of compassion, aligning this Right Intention with a higher level of focus.
After the ritual, we will engage in a ‘deep work’ exercise where we will channel our enhanced levels of focus and compassion into creating a meaningful piece of work that matters.
There will be some tips and tricks in the meditation ritual that you can take away and incorporate in your own daily life.

Workshop will take place at the launch of 'Psychology in Depth, Inside and Outside the Consulting Room' by Stillpoint London. 

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