Compassionate, Confident Families for the 21st Century

You may be worried about your child or teenager. They are displaying emotions or behaviours that concern you; they may appear excessively anxious, or depressed, or they may be displaying unusual and worrying behaviours such as self-harm, sexualised behaviours, eating difficulties, obsessive compulsive traits, aggressive or withdrawn behaviours. Its easy to feel confused, worried, guilty, and hopeless as a parent in the 21st Century. As our society changes more rapidly than ever before, the question of how to raise compassionate, confident children is more difficult than ever before. What are appropriate boundaries that work? How do I get more respect from my kids? How do we create more meaningful family moments? How can I help my child resolve their anxieties and develop emotional resilience? 

I can help you to gain a compassionate, holistic, 21st century understanding of your child's issues. Right understanding is the first step to finding peace as a parent. Because I have over 18 years experience working with children and families across a range of private and statutory services, including co-designing and leading a therapeutic education service for teenagers, I can quickly get to the root of the issue and bring right understanding. I specialise in helping teenagers and their parents heal their wounds and develop deep inner confidence. A space to reflect is possibly one of the most difficult and yet most valuable things in this age. I will help you and your child to create this space to reflect, to develop compassionate insight into your family, and to help you develop a tailored family philosophy and a flexible but firm parenting approach based on your core values, an approach that leaves no stone unturned, and that actually works to create sustainable transformation. 

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Embodied Awakening


You are interested in or even have lots of experience with spirituality, spiritual practices and perspectives. Perhaps you have meditated, done yoga, worked with mantras. But you are finding that these practices don't seem to work for resolving some of your habitual, problematic ways of responding to the world. You may feel confused by the millions of different options available to the 21st century seeker. You get lost, dazed, and confused in the realm of thinking. You have a sense that you would benefit from committing to one path. There can sometimes be a sense of loneliness or disconnection in this journey. Your heart yearns for more moments of true, authentic connection. You want to figure out how to go deeper into your spiritual journey, deeper into your body, and at the same time apply your awakening to solving some of the important problems you see and feel in the world. 

I have been on the same journey as you, with a few different twists and turns along the way. I have felt confused, frustrated, isolated in my spiritual quest. I have wandered the world looking for answers, from travelling with Native and South American wisdom-keepers, studying with meditation masters and yogis in India, and retreating to Buddhist monasteries in the forests of mid-Thailand and around Europe. I trained in Transpersonal Psychotherapy, which is essentially a spiritually-grounded, evidence-based approach to healing. In all of this, I realised that spiritual practices without a more Western psychological understanding of human development often don't go deep enough. They can become a form of what John Welwood called 'spiritual bypassing'. I combine the very best Western psychological techniques with the most transformative spiritual perspectives and practices I have learned on my journey. I am particularly interested in shadow-work, meditation, somatic psychology, compassion-focused psychotherapy, ritual and ancestral healing. I believe the only route to sustainable transformation is through a combination of deep healing experiences, and practice! Humans are miraculous. We can transform ourselves, but only if we commit to practice. I work with people both 1-1 and in groups who want to deepen their spiritual connection, and alchemise their personal and ancestral emotional wounds into the gold of compassionate action in the world. If you want to work with me 1-1, then get in touch below.

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