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How different would your life be if you lived from love and not fear?

Who would you be without your limiting self-talk?

When you live from fear, and limiting beliefs, every day can feel like a struggle.

Your life does not have to be a struggle any more.

I’m Louis and I help people work through their struggles and evolve with ease into the authentic version of their highest self. In the past 15 years I’ve helped people to evolve in peace and harmony, as a psychotherapist, a coach, a meditation teacher, a social entrepreneur. A Quiet Evolution is a philosophy for peace, based on a deep understanding of how fear operates in ways so subtle we would never even notice without a trusted guide. We are often our own worst enemies. As a result of the hidden wounds we carry, we continue to self-destruct. A quiet space can help you heal your wounds and the wounds of your ancestors, those wounds you carry in your mind, body, and soul. You can free yourself from suffering. You can evolve in harmony with life. You deserve to abide in a state of love. It is your birthright.
If you want to abide in love, let me help you.

Louis is a joy to work with and I can not recommend him highly enough.

- Andy Puddicombe, CEO, Headspace

I'm ready to evolve!

Appointments are available at Number 1 Harley St, London. I also offer therapy by Skype. Contact Louis on 07746172424 or send an email to

Meet Louis Weinstock

I have spent the past 15 years in service to people struggling with life. During that time, I have also used my own life as a kind of experiment, seeking with open mind and open heart to understand myself and the world around me. On this journey, I have been repeatedly thrown off course by blind spots, red herrings, doubts. But one lesson I have fully realised is that life is the greatest teacher. As long as we can find quiet space from the constant chatter of our own minds, as long as we can remain open to life as it is happening right now, I believe we can all evolve in harmony with our true selves and the world around us.

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