Hypnotherapy is a talking therapy which is distinctive from other traditional therapies as it addresses the client’s subconscious mind. This form of healing can be considered the original psychological therapy and forms the foundation for many modern styles of psychological intervention.

Unlike psychotherapy, psychology and counselling which typically look at a number of issues, hypnotherapy focuses on one problem at a time. It is a highly collaborative process whereby the client and hypnotherapist work together to bring about desired change.

Unfortunately, hypnotherapy is clouded in myths stemming from stage hypnotists and misinformed films. During hypnosis a client does not lose control, nor can they be manipulated to do things against their will. In fact, quite the contrary is true, in that a person under hypnosis has a heightened sense of awareness and pleasantly relaxed.

A skilled hypnotherapist will help you to enter a state of relaxation before engaging your imagination through a variety of techniques such as metaphor, story telling, symbolism and suggestion in order to achieve beneficial therapeutic change.