Is psychotherapy for me? 

Everyone can benefit from psychotherapy. We are all affected by the patterns and habits that we inherit from our family and from the society we live in. These patterns can sometimes be helpful and sometimes are limiting. As soon as a parent says no to a child, from that moment on the child starts to psychologically disown parts of its self. Which parts are disowned varies from family to family, from culture to culture. What is universally true, is that the parts of the psyche that are disowned don't just disappear. They become our shadow. They are always there, influencing us from places and in ways we can't easily see. The term 'psychotherapy' comes from the Greek for 'healing of the soul'. Psychotherapy is a process through which we heal our soul by coming to see the truth of how these patterns and shadows are affecting us. It is only by seeing the truth of this conditioning that we can grow in a way that is truly free.