What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is a set of techniques, based on ancient meditation practices, that can help you to find inner peace, and to develop other qualities such as compassion and fearlessness. I define mindfulness as 'listening to your self and your environment with curiosity, compassion, and acceptance.'

How Can Mindfulness Help You?

Mindfulness is now a scientifically proven technique that can help to alleviate stress, anxiety, depression, eating disorders, substance abuse, sleep difficulties, as well as a number of physical complaints such as psoriasis, chronic pain, immune disorders. It is easy to learn, and with just 10 minutes practice a day, you can start to see the results within a matter of weeks. Here is a link to more of the science stuff. I use mindfulness with children, teenagers, families, and adults. So whatever your issue, I believe mindfulness should be a part of the solution.

What Do I Know About Mindfulness?

I have been practicing mindfulness since I was 10, when I discovered that sitting down and focusing on my breathing in a particular way alleviated the symptoms of a cold I had. Since then I have travelled the world training with meditation masters, have a certificate in mindfulness training from .b, have been running my own meditation group for 3 years, consulted Headspace on developing a mindfulness programme for kids, was invited to participate in the All Parliamentary Group on Mindfulness, have trained therapists, social workers, teachers and parents in mindfulness (see one of my presentations here), set up and led a Mindfulness Specialist Interest Group at Kids Company where we are developing a mindfulness programme for children who have suffered complex trauma, and have been using mindfulness in my therapeutic work for many years.

Sounds great! What can I do next?

If you feel mindfulness can help you in your current situation and you would like to learn more, just get in touch. I offer a free  consultation, after which we decide how to move forwards.