the community of Radical alchemists


are you looking for a spiritual COMMUNITY focused on radical transformation?

The Radical Alchemy Community is an ongoing program that has been designed for those who are looking to put a little more light, a little more love, and a little more fire into their everyday lives. It is a community of people who recognise that that we need to break free from the narcissism epidemic in 21st Century life, that we need to have the courage to face our shadow, that we need to re-awaken the fire in our bellies, that we need a community of radical, creative, loving people to support us in this process, and that through our collective fire we can find the strength to stand up and protect what is most sacred to us, wrestling back control of our attention, of our hearts and minds from the bottomless, earth-and-soul destroying greed of corporate giants, resisting with fierce compassion the colonising of our everyday lives, and through this fiery power, collectively birthing the next stage in human evolution.

Being a better human without a supportive community is...really bloody hard!

My vision is to create this community as a sacred, magical container for our highest intentions, an alchemical flask into which we will mix together the most magical ingredients from psychology, ancient wisdom, and the world of conscious social action.


"Brilliant, thank you so much! I really felt the loss of connection when we all signed off, which for me was a good sign of how deeply and authentically connected we all were in that space. No mean feat to do that in an online group with a bunch of strangers! I can't wait for the next one."




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About Louis

Your experience as a teenager and conforming to quieting down - using practices to dull the fiery energy we hold inside. Our radical potential...

Radical means getting to the 'root of' a problem. The word also conjures up an energy of resistance to a system we know is not working for so many people. The symptoms of our psychological dis-ease are wise: within them, lies our radical potential.

The alchemist aspect of this community is about recognising the radical potential in our symptoms, working together to transform the base Lead of our shadow into the Gold of creative, compassionate, beautiful action in the world.

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