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Welcome to my library of resources.

Perhaps you have been directed here by me or a friend. Perhaps you stumbled across this page in search of guidance. Or maybe you were guided here by forces unknown.

Whatever the reason, I’m glad to have you here.

There is a wealth of information on the internet which can seem overwhelming and confusing. So I have set out to create a library of research, studies, enlightening articles, inspiring talks and engaging videos in a simple, informative way.

This list is by no means exhaustive. It is an ongoing project which I am continually building and sharing with you. These resources are intended to inform, guide and support you along your journey, but if you feel like you need a helping hand, do get in touch. There is no need for you to suffer alone.



Our brains are constantly evolving, being shaped by our experiences. Each time a thought, behaviour or emotion is repeated, we reinforce our neural pathways. And so with each new thought, behaviour or emotion we begin to build new ways of being. Repeated often and consistently, these small changes lead transformations of the brain.

Neuroplasticity is the 'muscle building' part of the brain. Like with most things, the more often we engage in practice, the stronger and better we become. Naturally what we don’t use, fades away. With regular practice and repetition it becomes automatic, a part of us.

What we think and do, we become.

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Children & Families

As our society changes more rapidly than ever before, the question of how to raise compassionate, confident children is more difficult than ever before. What are appropriate boundaries that work? How do I get more respect from my kids? How do we create more meaningful family moments? How can I help my child resolve their anxieties and develop emotional resilience? 

Its easy to feel confused, worried, guilty, and hopeless as a parent in the 21st Century.

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Sexual Issues & Identity



Autistic Spectrum Disorder


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