Is psychotherapy for me? 

Everyone can benefit from psychotherapy. We are all affected by the patterns and habits that we inherit from our family and from the society we live in. These patterns can sometimes be helpful and sometimes are limiting. As soon as a parent says no to a child, from that moment on the child starts to psychologically disown parts of its self. Which parts are disowned varies from family to family, from culture to culture. What is universally true, is that the parts of the psyche that are disowned don't just disappear. They become our shadow. They are always there, influencing us from places and in ways we can't easily see. The term 'psychotherapy' comes from the Greek for 'healing of the soul'. Psychotherapy is a process through which we heal our soul by coming to see the truth of how these patterns and shadows are affecting us. It is only by seeing the truth of this conditioning that we can grow in a way that is truly free. 

Why choose me?

I don't use a one-size fits all approach in my work. Why? Because you are totally unique. You are a one-in-8-billion snowflake. There is no other like you. So I always tailor my approach sensitively, intuitively to your uniqueness. I am able to do this because I am trained and experienced in a range of different modalities, including Mindfulness-based approaches, body-oriented psychotherapy, psychoanalytic psychotherapy, Jungian Archetypal work, CBT, Brief Solution-Focused Therapy, Family Therapy, Multi-Systemic Therapy,  Sandplay Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Focusing. You can see a selection of my relevant qualifications here.

I am going to challenge your beliefs. I will challenge you with great sensitivity, but I will challenge you. In my opinion, there is no point entering into a therapeutic relationship if you just want a 'yes man'.

I am heart-centered. I believe whole-heartedly in the power of unconditional love to heal. So although I will challenge you, and hold you accountable, I only do this from a place of utmost compassion, because I know this will help to liberate you from your suffering. 

Your peace of mind

Choosing a psychotherapist to work with is not always easy, and you may have questions such as 'How do I know this guy is legit?' Well, the best way to be sure is to find a fully registered and fully insured therapist.  I am registered with two professional bodies, the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapists (UKCP - reg number - 2011164697) ) and the Health and Care Professionals Council (HPC - reg number - SW37941). This means that you can go and check me out here and here. I am also fully insured, and you can see my insurance certificate here.

My Philosophy

My philosophy is based on unconditional love. This may seem to you like an unscientific phrase, lacking in seriousness. For me, unconditional love simply refers to a place we all can recognise, a place from which there are no judgments, a place where we can be whoever, whatever we need to be. To be met in this space is critical for healing and growth. And yet it is so rare to be met in this space. Since our earliest years, we are only accepted if we behave a certain way. This is a natural part of socialisation. But it means that we cut off, disown, or repress parts of ourself. The work of psychotherapy is to help you to reintegrate those disowned parts of your self. You can only achieve this in a quiet space, a space of unconditional love. In practical terms, this means that I retain a profound hope, no matter what issues we are working on together. If you wish to read more about my philosophy, here I go into more detail.

My Practice

I incorporate different traditions and alternative, radical forms of wisdom into my practice, as I believe that the main stream of conditioning in the West is causing more harm than good on the psychological plane. The mainstream Western tradition has been focused on reducing or eliminating symptoms. But in my experience, with this approach, whilst we can alleviate some symptoms for a time, what often happens is that the symptoms reoccur, or a set of different symptoms emerges. I have described this process as being like a whack-a-mole game: you can't stop the moles popping for very long without a deeper understanding of the operating system that is making the machine work.

In practical terms, this means that my aim is to sit alongside the client as we travel together to a deeper understanding of the mind. I use different techniques to facilitate this journey: arts, dreamwork, sandtray, mindfulness-based approaches, visualisation, play.

My Experience

I am experienced at working with a range of difficulties. I have worked successfully with addictions, depression, anxiety disorders, complex trauma, issues around loss and bereavement, gender and sexuality issues, eating disorders, anger management, work related stress, spirituality, relationship issues.

How the Therapy Works

My main practice is based at Number 1 Harley St.

If you are interested in therapy for yourself, your family, or just for your child, please contact me here to book an appointment. I offer a free 45-minute consultation by phone or Skype, after which we can decide if I am able to help you. We will discuss payment during this consultation. I aim to be as accessible as possible and so if the full fee is not possible for you then we will discuss what you can afford and we will go from there (see 'Gift Payment' below). A face-to-face assessment will usually be offered as the next step.

I also offer therapy by Skype or over the phone. Many people ask if therapy can work, if not face to face, and my resounding experience is absolutely yes. Virtual therapy is as effective as face-to-face therapy. See a CNN Health Report on the research here. I have worked successfully with adults and also with adolescents over Skype.

Gift Payment

I am very conscious that the economic system we have been living in is coming apart at the seams. There are new economic models emerging (based of course on older models we forgot about) which hold far greater promise for our wellbeing, indeed for our survival. If you are at all interested, there is loads of interesting ideas and alternative systems stuff here and here and here and finally here.

For those who feel inspired to work together, but can genuinely not afford the standard fees, I have limited spaces available for low-cost sessions with gift payment as an option. Gift payment is for those who, after the experience of working alongside me, can make a gift as an expression of their gratitude. The true spirit of the gift says that a gift should only be made when the individual feels called to do so, based on a genuine feeling of thankfulness. It is important to let go of any guilt-laden feelings of 'I should'. We are all born with an innate capacity for gratitude and generosity. I in turn am always deeply grateful for the opportunity for us to work together to alleviate suffering and find inner peace.

The gift can take the form of money, but can also be offered in the forms of goods and services. What might be an appropriate gift often emerges naturally in the course of a session or series of sessions.

Are you ready for the Work?

If you feel in your heart of hearts that you are really ready for some deep, transformational work then get in touch now by clicking on the button below.