I provide consulting services to individuals, corporations, non-profits, and other organisations that recognise a wise, outside perspective is needed on issues such as community engagement, systemic change, and staff wellbeing. I provide a context for understanding the transformation required, as well as intelligent, future-oriented insights, to help shape strategies and bring about change that is in line with core human values.

I have helped to design and deliver environments that promote calm, creativity and connection. I helped Kids Company to establish a radical new therapeutic education provision for some of the most disadvantaged teenagers in Westminster. More recently, I consulted Headspace (a brilliant organisation that provides meditation in an app) on the development of the world's first real mindfulness app for kids. I am currently consulting a hospice on developing a digital solution to help children and young people through the process of living with someone with a terminal illness.

I also deliver training on a variety of issues related to wellbeing in the workplace. I have delivered mindfulness training to social workers, to schools, and to business, and training on therapeutic communication, mental health, and pastoral care to schools. You can see some of my training resources here.

If your organisation needs a wise, compassionate and fearless perspective on the wellbeing of your staff, clients, or organisation, get in touch.