Why Life-Coaching?

Life-coaching is an outstanding tool that can help you focus on what is most important to you, overcome psychological and other barriers, and create the life of your dreams. Life-coaching is based on the philosophy that you have infinite potential within you, and that all you need is somebody to help you cut through the barriers that are holding you back from being the best possible you. Here is what former Google CEO said about coaching:  “Everybody needs a coach… every famous athlete, every famous performer, has somebody who’s a coach… someone who can help them see themselves as others see them.”

Coaching will help you:

  1. Turn your big dreams into actual projects.
  2. Get crystal clear clarity on your life vision.
  3. Say goodbye to limiting beliefs that don't serve you.
  4. Find fulfillment, meaning, and a deep sense of empowerment.
  5. And much, much more..

Why Choose Me?

I have a rare and very helpful combination of being an experienced psychotherapist, coach, and meditation expert. I use my psychotherapist intuition and skill to sensitively uncover the deeper blocks that are limiting your life from being extra-ordinary. I use my years of meditation practice and teaching expertise to help you gain a deeper understanding of your egoic mind and the cunning tricks it plays to keep you from thriving. And finally, I use powerful coaching techniques to engage you in super-empowering conversations, bringing your deepest dreams right up to the surface to see the light. I will also be there to hold you accountable to the fulfillment of those dreams. I have spent my whole working life bringing other people's dreams to life, so you can be sure my heart is in the right place and that I know how to help you be the best possible you.

What happens?

My coaching programme begins with a12 session course. Each session is between 60-90 minutes. In the first session, we will do a deep dive, using some amazing perspective-enhancing technologies to go deep into your current life situation and the dreams you don't dare to dream. I will help you focus on goals that truly get your inner fire burning. After this, each session will go deeper, uncovering your limiting beliefs and getting to that fire that burns deep inside of your heart. 12 sessions is a very good start, and as long as you apply yourself and are ready to be stretched and challenged, you will find profound transformation is at your fingertips.

Sounds great! What can I do next?

If you feel life-coaching can help you in your current situation and you would like to learn more, get in touch now. I offer a free consultation by phone or Skype, after which you can decide whether you are truly ready for a quantum leap in your life.